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Long-term efficacy of calcitonin and bisphosphonates on renal osteopathy in maintenance hemodialysis patients / 中华肾脏病杂志
Chinese Journal of Nephrology ; (12): 341-344, 2009.
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Objective To observe the efficacy of ealcitonin and bisphosphonates on renal osteopathy of maintenance hemodialysis (MHD)patients. Methods Forty-three MHD patients were raindomly divided into two groups A group and B group. All the patients were routinely received oral calcium carbonate 1.0 g tid and calcitriol 0.25 μg qd. Calcitonin (20U) hypodermic injection was given three times a week additionally during hemodialysis in A group. Patients in B group received bisphosphonates 70 mg once a week based on the therapy of A group. Serum levels of intact parathyroid hormone (iPTH), calcium, phosphorus, alkaline phosphatase (AKP), bone mass density (BMD) of lumbar spine and femoral neck, and the degree of bone ache (visual analogue scale, VAS) were assessed before the therapy and 3, 6 and 12 months after treatment. The adverse reactions were recorded during treatment. Results The levels of AKP and iPTH in both two groups decreased significantly after treatment. The above values of pre-treatment and 12 months after treatment were as follows AKP(U/L)of A group 244.05±41.99 and 148.35±27.71,of B group 245.60±40.86 and 143.40±28.03;PTH(ng/L) of A group 697.5±119.7 and 267.4±45.9,of B group 708.2±120.3 and 277.6±41.9 (all P<0.05). While the levels of calcium and phosphorus did not change obviously during treatment (P>0.05). BMD was not improved at 3, 6 mouths and became better at 12 mouths after treatment. As compared to pre-treatment, BMD of lumbar spine(g/cm2) in A group was 1.062±0.223 vs 1.202±0.251 ,in B group 1.033±0.152 vs 1.189±0.225; BMD of femoral neck (g/cm2)in A group was 0.993±0.108 vs 1.067±0.095,in B group 0.947±0.083 vs 1.018 ±0.217 (all P<0.05). The scores of VAS also decreased significantly at 3, 6, 12 months after treatment(P<0.05). No severe adverse reaction was found during the treatment. Conclusions Utilization of calcitonin and combination with bisphosphonates during bemodialysis can effectively preserve the BMD and prevent bone loss in MHD patients and is well tolerated. No significant difference of therapeutic effect is observed between using ealcitonin or combination with bisphosphonates.
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Full text: 1 Index: WPRIM Language: Zh Journal: Chinese Journal of Nephrology Year: 2009 Type: Article
Full text: 1 Index: WPRIM Language: Zh Journal: Chinese Journal of Nephrology Year: 2009 Type: Article