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Sci Rep ; 14(1): 3868, 2024 02 16.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-38366048


If a dialogue system can predict the personality of a user from dialogue, it will enable the system to adapt to the user's personality, leading to better task success and user satisfaction. In a recent study, personality prediction was performed using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality traits with a task-oriented human-machine dialogue using an end-to-end (neural-based) system. However, it is still not clear whether such prediction is generally possible for other types of systems and user personality traits. To clarify this, we recruited 378 participants, asked them to fill out four personality questionnaires covering 25 personality traits, and had them perform three rounds of human-machine dialogue with a pipeline task-oriented dialogue system or an end-to-end task-oriented dialogue system. We also had another 186 participants do the same with an open-domain dialogue system. We then constructed BERT-based models to predict the personality traits of the participants from the dialogues. The results showed that prediction accuracy was generally better with open-domain dialogue than with task-oriented dialogue, although Extraversion (one of the Big Five personality traits) could be predicted equally well for both open-domain dialogue and pipeline task-oriented dialogue. We also examined the effect of utilizing different types of dialogue on personality prediction by conducting a cross-comparison of the models trained from the task-oriented and open-domain dialogues. As a result, we clarified that the open-domain dialogue cannot be used to predict personality traits from task-oriented dialogue, and vice versa. We further analyzed the effects of system utterances, task performance, and the round of dialogue with regard to the prediction accuracy.

Transtornos da Personalidade , Personalidade , Humanos , Inventário de Personalidade