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Velocidade da marcha e força de preensão manual de idosos longevos da comunidade / GAIT SPEED AND GRIP FORCE ELDERLY MANUAL THE ENDURING COMMUNITY
Curitiba; s.n; 20161215. 135 p. ilus, tab, graf, map.
Tese em Português | LILACS, BDENF - Enfermagem | ID: biblio-1037765
Biblioteca responsável: BR501.1
Localização: BR501.1; 618.970231, B563
This is a cross-sectional quantitative study, whose objective was to analyze therelationship between the components of physical frailty gait speed and handgripstrength in community longevity. The study site corresponded to the residence of theelderly enrolled in three Basic Health Units of Curitiba / Paraná (Brazil). The sampleconsisted of 243 participants. Elderly individuals ≥ 80 years old, enrolled in the basicunits and who had cognitive ability (Mini Mental State Examination) were included.Oldest old were excluded physically incapable of performing the proposed tests, underchemotherapeutic treatment or who did not have a family caregiver present at the timeof the home visit. For the oldest old with cognitive alteration, the family caregiver wasinvited to participate in the interview, according to eligibility criteria for the study. Theresearch was carried out from January 2013 to December 2016. Data were collectedthrough a structured instrument, scales and tests that evaluate the physical frailty.Descriptive, univariate analyzes (chi-square test and G test, with statistical significancelevel p≤0.05) and multivariate analyzes (multiple linear regression, Stepwise Backwardmethod) were performed. The choice of the predictive model considered thecoefficients of linear correlation (r) and multiple determination (R2) of the models andthe rule of parsimony. The study integrates a thematic research project, with thefavorable opinion of the Research Ethics Committee, under registration CEP / SD15.413. The results show a predominance of females (66.26%), mean age of 84.4years, widows (65.02%), low schooling (56%), preserved cognition (85.18%) andadequate body mass index (45.68%)...





Texto completo: Disponível Coleções: Bases de dados internacionais Base de dados: BDENF - Enfermagem / LILACS Assunto principal: Idoso Fragilizado / Força da Mão / Marcha / Enfermagem Geriátrica Limite: Humanos Idioma: Português Ano de publicação: 2016 Tipo de documento: Tese