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A novel comb-typed poly(oligo(ethylene glycol) methylether acrylate) as an excellent aqueous lubricant.
J Colloid Interface Sci ; 539: 342-350, 2019 Mar 15.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30594009


Aqueous lubricants exhibit versatile advantages over oil-based lubricants. However, it still remains a challenge for the aqueous solutions to obtain excellent lubrication properties with high contact pressure on macroscale.EXPERIMENTS: In this work, a comb-typed poly(oligo(ethylene glycol) methylether acrylate) (P(OEGMA)) was successfully synthesized via RAFT polymerization. Rheological, morphological and tribological properties of prepared P(OEGMA) aqueous solutions were characterized via a rheometer, cryo-SEM and ball-on-disk tribometer, respectively.


The synthesized P(OEGMA) exhibited a uniformly smaller size than that of the commercial linear polyethylene glycol (PEG), leading to reduced viscosities in aqueous solutions. The obtained P(OEGMA) aqueous solutions achieved outstandingly ultralow friction coefficients (µâ€¯< 0.01) and a good wear-resistance under high pressure (>300 MPa, two-fold increase than reported in the previous literature). The desirable lubricating performances can be attributed to the well-established running-in period, a good interfacial adsorption property between polymer molecules and solid surfaces, the hydration effect as well as the hydrodynamic effect. The current finding reveals the excellent aqueous lubrication properties possessed by the synthesized comb-typed P(OEGMA), which can broaden the development of aqueous lubricants in practical engineering fields.





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