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Estimation of the Precision of a Structured Light System in Oil Paintings on Canvas.
Sensors (Basel) ; 19(22)2019 Nov 14.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31739529
The conservation and authentication of pictorial artworks is considered an important part of the preservation of cultural heritage. The use of non-destructive testing allows the obtention of accurate information about the state of pictorial artworks without direct contact between the equipment used and the sample. In particular, the use of this kind of technology is recommended in obtaining three-dimensional surface digital models, as it provides high-resolution information that constitutes a kind of fingerprint of the samples. In the case of pictorial artworks with some kind of surface relief, one of the most useful technologies is structured light (SL). In this paper, the minimum difference in height that can be distinguished with this technology was estimated, establishing experimentally both the error committed in the measurement process and the precision in the use of this technology. This study focused on the case of oil paintings on canvas and developed a low-cost system to ensure its wide use.





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