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Advancing Health Equity and Social Justice in Forensic Nursing Research, Education, Practice, and Policy: Introducing Structural Violence and Trauma- and Violence-Informed Care.
J Forensic Nurs ; 15(4): 199-205, 2019.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31764523
Initial conceptualizations of violence and trauma in forensic nursing have remained relatively narrowly defined since the specialty's inception. The advent of trauma-informed care has been important but has limitations that obfuscate social and structural determinants of health, equity, and social justice. As forensic nursing practice becomes more complex, narrow definitions of violence and trauma limit the effectiveness of trauma-informed care in its current incarnation. In keeping with the nursing model of holistic care, we need ways to teach, practice, and conduct research that can accommodate these increasing levels of complexity, including expanding our conceptualizations of violence and trauma to advance health equity and social justice. The objective of this article is to introduce the concepts of structural violence and trauma- and violence-informed care as equity-oriented critical paradigms to embrace the increasing complexity and health inequities facing forensic nursing practice.





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