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Characteristics relevant to cardiovascular disease among adults of African and Indian origin in Guyana
Bull World Health Organ ; 42(2): 205-23, 1970.
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Characteristics relevant to cardiovascular disease, including anthropometry, arterial blood pressure, serum cholesterol levels, chest radiography and electrocardiography, were investigated in a survey of 843 men and women aged 35-54 years of African and Indian origin living in 2 communities in Guyana. Clinical experience suggested a high incidence of hypertension and a low incidence od ischaemic heart disease. Africans were taller and heavier than Indians but their other characteristics were, in general, similar except that their mean blood pressure levels and R amplitudes in certain ECG leads were consistently higher. Hypertension was common and was more significantly correlated with obesity and , probably independently, with body size. Serum cholesterol levels, with mean values of about 222mg/100ml, were strongly correlated with factors associated with obesity in men but not women. Cardiothoracic ratios, measured from chest films, were greater than values regarded as normal for Europeans because of a relative narrowness of thoracic diameters. Prevalence of S-T-segment and T-wave defects in ECGs classified by the Minnesota Code was as high as reported from communities where ischaemic heart disease is clinically more frequent. Hypertension, cardiac enlargement, obesity and cholesteraemia were more prevalent when defects involved lateral leads(I, aVL, V5 and V6) than in subjects with normal ECGs, suggesting that the majority of important abnormalities occurred primarily in the left ventricle and were probably related to hypertension rather than to coronary insufficiency without hypertension. Analysis od S-T and T-wave defects, both of blood pressure and by lead position, might show meaningful differences between populations which, by present methods of presentation, appear to have surprisingly similar prevalences of ECG abnormalities.(AU)





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