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The Jamaican childhood cardiovascular risk status study: serum total cholesterol concentration in Jamaican schoolchildren - abstract
West Indian med. j ; 43(suppl. 1): 25-6, Apr. 1994.
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The pathogenesis of atherosclerosis occurs over decades and begins in childhood. Hypertension, elevated serum cholesterol levels and obesity are major risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease. In population-based studies, the presence of these two risk factors in childhood has been shown to be predictive of hypertension and hypercholesterolaemia in adulthood and ultimately of coronary heart disease mortality rates. There is evidence that much of the risk of developing hypercholesterolaemia is due to exposure to an unfavourable environment. Therefore it should be possible to reduce or eliminate this risk. In this study of 2337 Jamaican school children aged 6 to 16 years, girls were found to have higher cholesterol levels than boys (4.2ñ0.82vs4.1ñ0.83mM;p<0.003). At all ages (except 11), the cholesterol concentration in girls was higher than in boys, and girls had significantly more body fat. Cholesterol levels were found to be associated with socio-economic status (SES), 4.0mM in children from the lowest SES and 4.4mM in those from the highest (p<0.0000). Multiple regression analysis revealed signigicant correlation between cholesterol, weight, body fat and SES. This result for SES is different from studies in the developed world which report an inverse relationship between cholesterol and SES. In our population there was also correlation between SES and height and weight. Obesity and weight are important contributors to the risk of developing hypercholesterolaemia. Differences in dietary intake and levels of activity between the SES groups may contribute to this difference. The greater adiposity evident from the first decade of life is also worthy of note. Combined with the higher serum total of cholesterol levels, this may be an important indicator of the likelihood of future cardiovascular disease in this group (AU)





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